Post #1:    From The Apostle Paul

Remember, "Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church... And Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word..."

Post #2:    Jason & Elizabeth Cho

Excited for the two of you!
Sorry that we won't be able to be there, but it's great that you gave us the option of being there in spirit. ;) That's how we roll when there are weddings happening in WA and we're on the east coast... =[ Maybe one day we'll bridge this gap. Meet up in Papua New Guinea for coffee as Kyle once mentioned. Let's do that. We'll keep you in our prayers leading up to July. 


Post #3:    Brian & Amy Smith

Congrats Friends!!!!! So excited for you!!

Post #4:    Kevin Zimmerman

Hey Guys,
I was so looking forward to attending and getting to meet you Brittany (I've heard nothing but incredible things), but I'm on a student missions trip the day of your wedding. Have a wonderful season of planning and know that I do and will continue to pray for you.
- Kevin

Post #5:    Jeremy Driggs

I'm sure you are an amazing woman Brittany. Capturing the heart of Kyle is no small task. He is furiously in love with Jesus and I will be praying that he continues to fall furiously in love with you. Kyle, I truly do admire your passion and commitment to Jesus, thank you for inviting me to celebrate your marriage. I am so grateful for your hard work in getting our team to Mongolia. I know you will work hard in maintaining the bond 
of love in your marriage. 

Wish I could be there!

Post #6:    Kris & Lisa Cohen

So glad to have met you and gotten to know you! Kris and I are excited for your life and the ways you are investing in the Kingdom.

Post #7:    Jenn Land

I am so excited for you both!! Thank you for pouring into my life last year :) Excited to see you in July!! I pray that God will bless your marriage :)

Love, Jenn

Post #7:    Wendy Millermon

Congratulations to you both! 

Post #8:    Liz Ruediger

Congratulations to you both. I wish I could be there but I will definitely be in spirit. I was honored to meet Kyle. Can't wait to see the beautiful pictures.

Post #9:    Nate & Malia Greene

Just wanted to send warm wishes to the new Mr. & Mrs. Although we can't be there to celebrate with you, we pray The Lord's blessing over your marriage and this new season of life.

Post #10:    Sharon Guldjord

I will be in Oregon with my family at our annual reunion during your wedding. So sorry to have to miss it. God bless you as you both as you become one in the Lord. My prayers are with you always. Sharon.

Post #11:    Gabriella Cacanandin

Congrats Kyle & Brittany! I would love to be there - if only teleportation were my spiritual gift! Praying the Lord continues to bless you as you enter the covenant of marriage! 
Love, Gabby

Post #12:    Kylie Tyndall

Kyle, I never thought God would bless me so much through one human being. You have taught me about the beauty of Christ's compassion, passion, and righteous anger. I love you dearly and wish more than anything I could be there to celebrate with you. You are like a brother to me. I cannot wait to see how God uses your marriage to usher in His Kingdom! Love you sweet one. xoxo

Post #13:    Chris Johnson & Gabby Cacanandin

I am so excited for the two of you and what the Lord will do in and through your marriage. Come down to SoCal Soon! Love, Chris & Gabby

Post #14:    Lucy Harig

I just remember at Jess & Rob's wedding when I first heard about Brittany! Kyle was smitten and excited to share about his love/ best friend! It was exciting to hear that the proposal was in the near future! - Lucy

Post #14:    Betsy Still

I am so excited for you both! Kyle, it's been a privilege to know you and learn from your zeal and boldness. I'm sure you've found a woman who is equally enamored with Jesus and committed to furthering His Kingdom!!! Praying for a blessed season, and that God would use your marriage in breathtaking ways! 
Much Love, 

Post #15:    Aunt Sherry & Uncle Mike

Love you both dearly and may God bless the life you have together. 

Post #16:    Heather Decker

So happy/ excited for your new chapter in life, Kyle! Congrats to you both! 

Post #17:    Stefan Carlson

Congratulations Kyle and Brittany! I'm thankful for the time we shared at Biola, Kyle, and hope to meet you soon, Brittany. I'll be praying for you guys as you start your life together! 

Post #18:    Lindsay & Cory Manchester

So sorry to miss this big day! We will be on vacation in Lake Chelan - congrats to you both! 

Post #19:    Zach & Jasper Torrence

Kyle & Britt! We are so very happy for you! We will so miss seeing you on your special day, but one way or another we will have to get together soon! You are in our prayers! God Bless you :) 
Zach & Jasper